Internal Controls in a COVID-19 World

Since the COVID-19 pandemic kicked off in 2020, there has been an estimated 146 percent increase in organizations reporting that 50 percent or more of their employees work remotely. Many businesses, including nonprofits, are considering moving to a partially or fully remote landscape after the pandemic. As your organization navigates this strategic change, you may need to update, or even transform, your internal control structure to align with new processes, mitigate risk, and promote an effective and efficient work environment. With an emphasis on internal controls that relate to receipts, disbursements, and technology, this webinar will share guidance to help you update your internal control structure for long-term success in a remote landscape.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Define guidance on updating an organization’s internal control structure to align with its strategic plan
  • Explain handling cash and checks received in a virtual environment
  • Describe third-party management payments in a virtual environment
  • Discuss information technology controls to support a virtual environment

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