BKD Tuesdays at Ten Webinar Series: IDD & Behavioral Health Care – Wading Through the CARES Act

The adoption of the 2020 CARES Act and subsequent PPP Flexibility Act created federal funding vehicles designed to enable organizations, both for-profit and nonprofit, to maintain their employees on staff and continue delivering the same quality programs to the communities they serve during the difficult economic climate brought on by COVID–19.  However, as helpful as these grants, tax credits, deferrals, loans, and other economic stimuli were, they came with many unanswered questions as to how they interact with existing state and federal reimbursements and  even with other stimulus funding.  As organizations are now in the process of spending funds that have been received, and contemplating their eligibility for additional ones, there are opportunities for certain unexpected windfalls, but also consequences for poor planning and documentation.

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