BKD & NACHC Town Hall for CHC Leaders

Oct 09, 2020 - 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Community health center leaders are invited to join BKD and NACHC for a town hall and Q&A session to discuss and answer questions regarding HHS’ Post-Payment Notice of Reporting Requirements released on September 19.

Our panel includes:

  • BKD Managing Partner Kimberly McKay, AICPA Health Care Expert Panel member, and FASB Not-for-Profit Advisory Committee member
  • BKD Partner Jeff Allen, CHC leader
  • Gervean Williams, National Association of Community Health Centers director

The information contained in these slides is based on the information available as of the date of this live presentation and is subject to change. The content was presented for illustrative purposes and your information only. Applying this information to your situation requires careful consideration of facts, circumstances, and timing of requirements. Consult your BKD advisor or legal counsel to apply to your unique situation and circumstances.

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