CHC/FQHC & Hospital: Opportunities for Strategic Relationships & Synergies

Under the right conditions, transferring ownership of a physician practice or clinic from the hospital or health system to a community health center (CHC) can be beneficial to everyone. But what makes for the right conditions? Join BKD trusted advisors and Attorney Jeff Adest of Garfunkel Wild as they share transfer strategies to help hospitals, health systems and CHCs build collaborative strengths, recognize grant-reporting requirements and navigate challenges and opportunities.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize collaborative opportunities between hospitals and CHCs that can create financial and quality strengths
  • Identify the grant reporting requirements specific to CHCs and recognize their effect on any agreement with a hospital
  • Analyze the opportunities and challenges associated with both organizations involved in the change of clinic ownership
  • Apply knowledge regarding other arrangements between CHCs/FQHCs and hospitals, including referral agreements, arrangements with hospitals for specialist services on a session or similar basis and resident rotation agreements

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