Meet Architecture & Engineering Leader Dustin Haywood

Thoughtware Video Published: Mar 08, 2022

Dustin Haywood, a managing director based out of our Kansas City, Missouri, office, is the architecture and engineering leader for BKD National Construction & Real Estate Group. Dustin provides audit, accounting, and financial consulting services to a variety of architectural firms, engineering firms, and construction companies, including several ESOP-owned companies, as well as several colleges and universities. He has extensive knowledge about the Federal Acquisition Regulations and Cost Accounting Standards, and experience with cognizant oversight reviews with multiple states.

Who is Dustin Haywood beyond the technical details? What’s his background and what are his hobbies? What does Unmatched Client Service® mean to him? Watch this 3-minute video to learn more. 

To connect with Dustin, follow him on LinkedIn or send him an email. Visit our Architecture & Engineering Industry Accounting page to learn how Dustin and our team of trusted advisors are serving our clients. For more information, submit the Contact Us form below. 

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