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Thoughtware Video Published: May 20, 2020

If there was ever a good time to be flexible and willing to challenge the status quo, it’s now. Higher education leaders are living through precarious days. Most are enduring many hours of back-to-back daily meetings discussing cash flow, retention, the freshman class and estimated first-year enrollment melt this coming summer. What will happen this fall in the wake of social distancing requirements and safety expectations by students and their families? Will college open on time? Will there be intercollegiate athletics? Will students opt for a gap year to get back on their feet financially? There are so many questions with so few concrete answers.

In the wake of unanswered questions and uncertainties, having a trusted advisor can be reassuring. As the accompanying video will describe, BKD took time to determine its ability to serve Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBAU) well. And PBAU took time to be sure BKD would be able to service its critical needs. What resulted was a mutually rewarding relationship that’s beginning to move the institution forward in this critical time. BKD was able to catalyze PBAU leadership’s desired direction and PBAU staff organized to tackle the tasks necessary to improve economic efficiency.

Anyone working on higher education academic efficiencies knows the wheels of academic changes can grind slowly, but the hardest part is getting started. Schools like PBAU got a running start on this change prior to the campus shutdowns currently underway, so they currently have the advantage of forward momentum.

Their foresight to engage in change management up to two years ago will be a feature of their unfolding story of financial resiliency. If your team is ready to engage in the hard work of building a resilient economic model for your institution, BKD’s higher education leaders are ready to provide trusted advice to help get you started. There’s no better time than now to challenge the present circumstances and creatively build a sustainable future for your higher education institution.

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