Finance Office Hours for Health Centers: Strategies to Manage Operations During COVID-19 - COVID-19: Grant & SBA PPP Loan Thoughts

Thoughtware Video Published: Apr 23, 2020

COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for the Community Health Center (CHC) industry. In response there has been a significant increase in both the funding sources and amount of funding being received by CHCs. In this short video BKD will address many of the various CHC funding sources while highlighting common misunderstandings. For many CHCs dealing with the Small Business Administration is new and there is clarifying guidance being released frequently on the Paycheck Protection Program so don’t make these common mistakes. The additional federal grant funding is requiring CHCs to get back to the basic of the federal regulations governing their normal grant funds and these additional grant funds. Take advantage of this resource as you work to formulate your CHCs strategy for handling your COVID funding compliantly!

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