Data Usage & Visualization: Considerations for Construction Companies

Thoughtware Video Published: Jul 12, 2019

There are countless sources of data, but what are you doing with it? Analyzing data can be an overwhelming process. However, the benefits far outweigh the initial hesitation to develop a plan for your company’s data. For example, consider a general contractor who can now make decisions in real time based on data fed to a mobile device while on the job site. This could prevent a whole bunch of problems.

In addition, predictive analytics provides insight into what might happen and what’s at risk based on various data sources. Then there’s employee compensation and bonus programs. Are you giving out bonuses based on the right considerations? Also, monitoring safety on the job is especially important for construction companies. Data can help with all of these issues.

Want help with data analytics and visualization? We’ve got you covered. Visit our Big Data & Analytics page for helpful tools and resources.

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