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Fine Tuning Series

We want to help you thrive. That’s why we created the Fine Tuning Binder— a series of guides, checklists and tools to help you implement best practices. Many of the tools are interactive.

Check out below for all of our tools.

Fine Tuning Binder

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Tools you'll find in the Fine Tuning Binder:

  • Compassionate Care Series: Ten Out-of-the-Box Interview Questions to Try
  • Turnover Cost Calculator
  • Medicare Cost Report Preparation Checklist
  • Senior Living Providers Clinical FAQ
  • PS&R Analytic Tool
  • 2017 BKD Financial Review Worksheet
  • SNF ICD-10 Checklist
  • Decoding Accounts Receivable
  • Bad Debt Checklist
  • Consolidated Billing Checklist
  • WOTC Checklist
  • Admission Checklist
  • Admission Insurance Questionnaire
  • Physician Certification & Recertification Form
  • Key Factor Report
  • CCS Checklist


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