Telecommunications Regulatory Consulting Services

Telecommunications Regulatory Consulting Services

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Telecom Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

You often have needs beyond traditional accounting and tax planning. Our telecommunication pros have years of experience to help you with your organization’s unique needs and circumstances and allow us to offer a broad range of services.

Explore the consulting services we can provide below and contact our team to learn how we can help simplify your life.

Federal & State Grant Assistance

There are many grant opportunities currently available to the telephone industry. Our telecom team understands the challenges of maintaining grant management processes that are compliant with regulations and can assist you throughout the grant process, including compliance.

CLEC Assistance

BKD has an experienced team of professionals to assist with telecom expansion efforts in a competitive territory. Assistance can include preparing a financial analysis, submitting interconnection agreements, ASRs, and helping with number porting.

Federal & State Tariff Filings

BKD’s regulatory team can assist with ILEC and CLEC tariff filings to help ensure the proper rates, terms, and conditions are included.

Reporting (Forms & Compliance)

BKD has a significant amount of experience with FCC and state regulatory reporting requirements. BKD routinely assists clients with filings such as FCC Forms 159, 477, 481, 499-A, 499-Q, 502, 507, 508, and 555 as well as NECA reporting.

Cost Studies

Filing accurate cost studies with federal and state jurisdictions is critical to a telecommunications company’s cash flows and revenues. BKD has experienced cost consultants that can assist with cost studies, USF filings, conversions, and feasibility studies.

Other Regulatory Consulting Services

BKD’s team of professionals is ready to assist with a variety of regulatory services that include preparation of continuing property records, employee training, USAC audit assistance, CPNI assistance, regulatory complaint resolution, benchmarking analysis, preparation of and/or maintaining cost allocation manuals, HUBB and PMM reporting, state and federal ETC applications, certification and registrations, board meeting participation, and much more.

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