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How is your market changing? What new technologies or facilities do you need? How are payor changes affecting your operations? How will you pay for the changes? BKD can help you find the answers.

Through forecasting, reviewing financing alternatives, and studying market share, our advisors can help you complete an outlook and obtain financing. Our reputation among rating agencies, bond insurers, and lending institutions has helped clients obtain financing through leases, bank-qualified debt, lines of credit, and tax-exempt bonds rated by leading rating agencies or enhanced by major bond issues.

Our knowledge doesn't stop with large bond financings. We help providers analyze leasing alternatives, lines of credit, and traditional bank financing and can work with your lender to answer questions about your healthcare operations. Our professionals also can assist with tax strategies related to your financing alternatives.

Tax-Exempt Bonds

For most major capital projects, the availability of long-term debt to finance the project is crucial. To help with the process, BKD can:

  • Evaluate proposed financing structures
  • Recommend possible underwriters
  • Evaluate underwriters' proposals
  • Review draft bond documents for unfavorable terms and help negotiate more favorable terms
  • Review offering documents and help draft certain provisions

Tax-exempt revenue bonds are the most common type of long-term debt providers use to raise large amounts of capital. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by attorneys and other professionals at the negotiating table, all representing their own interests or those of the bond buyers. BKD can work with your attorney to assertively represent your interests in the financing process.

In the event conventional bond financing is unavailable or unfavorable, we can help you identify and seek government-guaranteed financing.

BKDforesight Financial Forecasting Tool

BKDforesight, powered by Synario™, is a predictive analytics healthcare financial modeling tool designed to provide vital information on how future changes, challenges, and decisions can affect an organization. No matter the size of your health system, BKDforesight can help provide clarity and credibility to your financial planning process.

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HUD 242 Forecasting

The HUD 242 program has allowed many providers that could not access traditional markets to obtain financing. BKD has helped many providers with the HUD 242 process, including planning for the initial HUD meeting, completing the required forecast financial statements, and working with HUD in its final review.

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