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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning & Options Analysis with Investment Banking Services

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Growing a Business? Pursuing Liquidity Options? BKD Can Help.

BKD Trusted Advisors™ can help you develop a course of action to enhance your company’s value. Using our three-phase Strategic Options Analysis, we can help you assess your unique financial and strategic opportunities.

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Phase I – Company-Specific Valuation Dynamics

BKD bases projections on key operating metrics and growth strategies, expected changes within the revenue mix and customer base, operating strategies and expenses, capital expenditures, and potential acquisitions. We'll evaluate several aspects of your company, including:

  • Historical and projected financial performance
  • Key operating metrics trends
  • Effects of those trends on revenue and expenses
  • Potential “recast” adjustments

Phase II – Market Dynamics

Our top-notch team will research relevant M&A activity and public company valuations to identify industry-specific value drivers and valuation approaches. We'll also analyze various categories of potential buyers and their ability to accelerate the company’s growth and earnings.

Phase III – Strategic Options

After examining market dynamics, we'll estimate a market value range for your company. Working closely with the tax advisors at BKD, we'll use the range to complete an after-tax proceeds analysis. We'll also assess the pros and cons of your company’s liquidity and succession options.

BKD will help you review your options and understand the process for your chosen course of action, which could include pursuing multiple options. Use the form below to contact your nearest BKD Capital Advisors investment banker to discuss creating a plan and timeline for your business.

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