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Strategic Integration – Physician Alignment

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Opportunities to Enhance Effectiveness of Physician Integration

Has your organization experienced the challenge of effectively aligning with physicians? Given the key role physicians play in your organization’s success, it’s crucial to develop and implement strategies to foster—and capitalize on—effective physician alignment.     

Our Healthcare Performance Advisory Services team comprises hospital executives, physicians, nurses, service-line leaders, and CPAs with the expertise to identify strategic opportunities and develop action plans. We’ll conduct a diagnostic assessment of your current alignment state and strategies and offer recommendations for enhancements. Finally, we’ll provide a detailed implementation plan and dedicated team of advisors to help manage the transformation.

Our services are organized into these workstreams:

Integration Strategy Assessment

BKD will evaluate your physician integration strategy by conducting interviews, assessing documentation, and observing benchmarks and other data in these areas:

  • Physician contracting
  • Compensation plans
  • Medical staff composition and recruitment
  • Medical staff leadership structure
  • Value-based reimbursement readiness assessment

Physician Contracting & Compensation Plan Assessment

Through interviews and documentation observation, BKD will assess your physician contracting and compensation plan methodologies for effectiveness and alignment with organizational goals.

Medical Staff Composition & Recruitment

Using market and organizational data coupled with management interviews, BKD will prepare a medical staff needs assessment on a service-line basis and use this data along with interviews and documentation analysis to evaluate your organization’s medical staff recruitment process and plan.

Medical Staff Leadership Assessment

BKD will conduct interviews and observe documentation to assess your organization’s medical staff leadership structure, including consideration of mentoring and training processes.

Value-Based Reimbursement Readiness Assessment

Through interviews and observation of documentation, BKD will assess the process surrounding key infrastructure functions required to manage value-based reimbursement, including:

  • Care cost data accumulation and assessment processes
  • Care protocol management processes
  • Physician compensation methodology alignment
  • Physician leadership and educational processes
  • HCC coding processes

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