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Service Line Strategy

Achieve Sustainable Results Through Strategic Service Line Strategy & Investments

Developing and maintaining the most effective service portfolio for your organization requires careful planning and an in-depth analysis of local market data. While this data helps prioritize service lines, some qualitative factors also should be considered, such as competitors’ capabilities, community perception and physician relations. BKD can help weigh these factors and prioritize the implementation of a newly structured systemwide service portfolio.       

BKD offers organizations a scaled approach to help manage employee health costs and improve network strength.

Current Service Line Assessment

We’ll provide a report of each major service line’s current state using data from a variety of areas.

BKD Outcomes Compass™

Through a research protocol with CMS, BKD has access to inpatient and outpatient detailed claims data for all Medicare beneficiaries in the United States. We’ll provide you with access to the data and many levels of analysis through BKD Outcomes Compass, our web-based interactive dashboard.


We’ll provide you with a detailed analysis of the major service lines and recommend areas for growth opportunities, restructuring or potential consolidation. We’ll use our recommendations to help design a proposed systemwide service portfolio and implementation plan.

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