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Sage 100cloud ERP Software

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Simplify Your Business Financials & Automate Your Financial Processes with Sage 100cloud

Sage 100cloud can help you improve short- and long-term business performance by streamlining invoicing and bill collection, eliminating accounting errors, reducing record-keeping redundancy, aiding compliance with tax and accounting regulations, helping personnel quantify budget planning, and offering flexibility and expandability to accommodate changes and growth in your business. You’ll also enjoy the ability to run ad hoc reports, as well as month-end closings, quarter closings, and year-end reporting.

For small and midsize companies, Sage 100cloud helps business owners and staff members make better decisions by integrating information from across the organization. Sage 100cloud includes solutions such as core accounting, distribution and manufacturing, e-commerce, business intelligence, contact resource management, and human resource management.

Sage 100cloud offers the following capabilities:

  • Streamlined data entry with uncluttered, easy-to-navigate screens
  • Better customer service through three customer relationship management (CRM) solutions
  • Flexibility with user-defined fields and tables
  • Sage 100cloud Advanced

If your business requires higher-performance data processing, Sage 100cloud Advanced (formerly Sage/MAS 200) offers the functionality of Sage 100cloud with the benefits of a client/server platform. This platform can help improve efficiency and enhance data integrity and scalability. Sage 100cloud Advanced ERP also is available on the Microsoft SQL Server platform.

BKD Technologies is a Sage Software Authorized Partner. Our team includes numerous CPAs and certified technology advisors who have been in the technology sector for an average of 19 years. We focus on efficient implementation and development of add-on solutions to assist clients.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Designed with manufacturing and distribution needs in mind, Sage 100cloud helps you manage both your inventory and production processes. With Sage 100cloud Bill of Materials, Work Order Processing, and Material Requirements Planning, Sage100cloud helps provide detailed and accurate tracking and reporting throughout the entire manufacturing process. Sage 100cloud can help you increase efficiency through all stages, create multilevel bills, and produce accurate, informative reports.

In addition, Sage 100cloud helps you cut costs and boost customer satisfaction with more efficient inventory management and warehouse operations. Sage100cloud can help streamline your warehouse operations through the entire distribution cycle using integrated distribution management software. It also can help automate your warehouse functions for easier management, greater business-to-business supply chain efficiency, and faster time to market.

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