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Improve Your Route Accounting Business Operations with eoStar

Information is vital to effective business management. Organizations need access to accurate, up-to-the-minute insight—and a way to share that insight with team members. That’s where BKD and eoStar® Route Accounting Software (RAS) come in. 

eoStar is a system created by Rutherford and Associates with the ability to report, store, and manage distribution processes. This Microsoft-based solution integrates numerous functions—including warehouse management system, voice pick, forecasts, surveys, web orders, mobile sales, and delivery—into a single database. 

eoStar was developed for food and beverage distribution systems to provide a route management solution in the direct store delivery market. It’s a sophisticated but easy-to-use reporting tool that analytically breaks down your organization’s performance. Your data is consolidated in a centralized location, letting you make decisions based on the most current information. 

You also can access eoTouch®, eoStar’s mobile software, which offers your sales team up-to-date pricing, promotion, inventory, survey, and goal information. On-demand sales reporting and faster synchronization times let your company transmit sales orders throughout the day to expedite the order fulfillment process. Available for iOS devices, the eoTouch app includes features for every member of your sales team: 

  • Pre-Sell – Manage your collection of customers using customer lists, product performance, live reports, and goals.
  • Service – Create and manage service tickets, action items, and travel and service time.
  • Supervisor – Monitor goals, objectives, and action items for report-to employees, in addition to order requests, live reports, and surveys.
  • Merchandiser – Track activity-based merchandising, out-of-stock products, GPS, POS, action items, and time management.
  • Brand Manager – Review the brand(s) you manage using sale and distribution metrics, live reports, and product performance.
  • Key Account Manager – Manage chain accounts and managed brands using customer lists, product performance, and live reports.
  • Delivery – Deliver and sell off-truck using customer lists, product performance, and live reporting.

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