Regulatory & Reimbursement Services

Regulatory & Reimbursement Services

Medicare Cost Report Preparation

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You operate in a highly regulated industry that faces increasingly complex reimbursement issues under Medicare, Medicaid, and other governmental health programs. Having the visibility to navigate this regulatory maze is essential. With BKD, you can rest easy knowing our trusted advisors are nationally recognized for their reimbursement and compliance work. We can help you clear the path and cut through the confusion.

Our reimbursement expertise allows us to do much more than Medicare and Medicaid cost report preparation. We provide in-depth consulting services in many targeted areas, including: time studies, 340B and pharmacy services, change of ownership (CHOW) review, cost report prep and review, Worksheet S-10 uncompensated care reporting, electronic health record (ERH), Medicare bad debt recovery and reporting, transfer diagnosis-related groups (DRG), UPL supplement payment program, and healthcare wage index reviews.

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Request a Demo of Our Time Study Tool TodayRequest a Demo of Our Time Study Tool Today

Time Study Tool

BKD’s time study tool is a mobile-friendly application to help healthcare organizations allocate physician and midlevel costs. We also can assist with other studies, including cost reports, uncompensated care, and organ acquisition.

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340B & Pharmacy Services

The 340B Program can bring significant savings and compliance risk. It’s important to have a program that helps identify compliance issues and operates efficiently. That’s why we have advisors who specialize in the 340B Program to help organizations assess compliance, quickly reduce risk, and identify areas for operational improvements. Here’s how we can help:

  • 340B Program Development & Optimization
  • 340B Compliance
  • Pharmacy Expansion
  • Pharmacy Structure
  • Opioid Assistance
  • Provider-Based Billing
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Change of Ownership (CHOW) Review

It’s essential to proceed with caution when preparing the Form 855 and other documents related to a change of ownership (CHOW). The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and state agencies that handle these requests can be very particular and frustrating. Our trusted advisors can help you address many important questions, such as:

  • Does this change create a CHOW?
  • What documents need filed and with what agencies?
  • What are we required to disclose on our application?

Cost Report

If properly presented, the cost report has a direct impact on the Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement you receive. That’s why it’s important to understand how you’re being paid compared to the cost of rendering services to Medicare and Medicaid patients.

As one of the country’s largest cost report preparers, more than 2,000 providers rely on BKD’s Medicare and Medicaid cost report expertise to help them reap the payments they deserve.

Worksheet S-10 Uncompensated Care Reporting

Hospitals should review their S-10 information as soon as possible to discover the potential impact of the shift in the Medicare DSH payment methodology. Request your complimentary S-10 potential impact tool today.

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Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Are you facing one or more EHR audits that could have a negative effect on your incentive payments? BKD's consulting services lessen the hassle of these potentially overwhelming audits and help you avoid recoupments.

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Medicare Bad Debt Recovery & Reporting

Medicare bad debt doesn’t have to be a closed case. BKD National Health Care Group can help your organization identify, capture, report, and recoup Medicare bad debt reimbursement related to inpatient, outpatient, and subprovider services. Our recovery solutions apply to open and reopenable cost reporting years, concurrently to Medicare log preparation and prospectively through process improvements.

for help recovering what’s rightfully yours!

UPL Supplement Payment Program

Considering participating in your state's Upper Payment Limit (UPL) supplemental payment program? Our nursing facility UPL pros can help you today.

These state-specific programs generate significant opportunities for nursing home facilities and are attractive for several reasons, including:

  • Not requiring capital outlay
  • Creating formal affiliations with preferred acute care providers
  • Having an easy entry and exit
  • Allowing for improved quality, greater control over the continuum of care, and reduced readmissions
  • Reducing financial exposure resulting from payment bundling, ACO development, etc.
  • Expanding program benefits for current UPL participants
  • Allowing facilities whose licenses are owned by nonstate governmental entities to participate in the program

Call us or , and we will be happy to give you the most current news in your state.

Healthcare Wage Index Reviews

BKD’s wage index reviews help hospitals comply with complex rules and identify improvement areas. Our Medicare solutions go beyond the traditional detailed review of supporting documentation. We also:

  • Provide analytical comparisons on key metrics showing trends as well as a comparison to the core-based statistical area (CBSA)
  • Interview and confer with hospital staff to verify hours, benefits, and other key components are properly reported
  • Facilitate strategic planning sessions with key hospital personnel
  • Conduct educational sessions with key hospital personnel
  • Help assess CMS public use wage index files
  • Assist with submitting corrections to the fiscal intermediary and the CMS

Co-Sourcing Reimbursement Enterprise Solutions

As healthcare systems deal with an ever-growing to-do list, delayed financial and regulatory information and reporting can add to your daily challenges and harm your ability to make critical decisions. That’s why many organizations turn to BKD or regulatory reporting and project management support.

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