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Public Corruption Response

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Experienced Forensic Accountants to Help You Investigate Corruption & Fraud

Alleged fraud or corruption can wreak havoc on an organization’s reputation and undermine its business operations. The initial response to these allegations often plays a key role in determining the facts and addressing underlying issues.

Having worked with a multitude of businesses and public and quasi-public entities, BKD brings a unique multidisciplinary approach to fraud and internal investigations.

Our team includes Certified Fraud Examiners, CPAs, computer forensic specialists, fraud investigators, attorneys, data mining professionals, and data analytics professionals with years of experience investigating alleged corruption, fraud, and malfeasance. Team members from the various disciplines are well-versed in working together to conduct and complete the investigation in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Ready to Move When You Need Us

Allegations of fraud, malfeasance, and corruption are urgent matters, and BKD’s fraud investigation team can help provide the necessary resources to conduct a thorough investigation. When days and hours count, our fraud investigators are quick to respond.

We're Familiar with Your Industry

We recognize that industry experience may be necessary to perform an effective and credible investigation. BKD has deep expertise across many industries, and our professionals have likely performed internal investigations in your industry or service group.

Chances Are, We’ve Seen It Before

BKD professionals have investigated an eye-opening array of schemes and scams. They study reports of other fraud investigations and use real-life case studies in their educational efforts. That insight and institutional knowledge help our team spot red flags and telltale signs of wrongdoing.

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