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Public Company Reporting

BKD's Public Company Reporting Services Can Help Clients that Are Currently or Considering Becoming Publicly Traded

BKD understands the potential for raising capital in today’s markets and the challenges of meeting the regulatory burdens in that space. While legislation and regulatory interpretations tend to change over time, there have been efforts in recent years to increase access to capital markets, including crowdfunding, a more useful version of Regulation A, generally solicited Regulation D Rule 506 offerings and a smoother path to initial public offering (IPO) registration for emerging growth companies.

BKD works with clients already facing the reporting requirements of the public market, and we also help clients that are moving in that direction. In addition, we work with other regulated environments that share similar regulatory requirements for reporting on financial statements and on internal controls, such as financial institutions subject to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Improvement Act of 1991 (FDICIA).

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