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Technology Solutions to Support Organizational Growth

As a professional services organization (PSO), you need control over your day-to-day operations. Keeping track of projects and time and billing can be a challenge, but an integrated software solution can help manage your people and their time and can help you access as much available information as possible. BKD solutions can assist your PSO with generating better operational information, cost management strategies, revenue recognition posting, and project profitability.

Using our combined industry expertise and digital transformation strategies, BKD can deliver value to our clients. We offer a phased approach, which helps our clients define what digital transformation means for them. Digital transformation can mean shifting processes to hand-held/mobile devices, upgrading to Office 365, or hosting servers in the cloud. Frequently, digital transformation is a software selection project, a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, or business process review. New technology often makes it possible to collect and analyze data in ways that were historically unavailable or tedious. Corporate performance metrics tracked in data dashboards and flexible reporting are allowing new insight and data-backed business decisions.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Are your business processes and systems holding you back from growth? If you’re dealing with disparate systems or finding it hard to meet customer expectations, it may be time to explore a modern ERP option. BKD’s ERP solutions aim to enhance your financials and operations, helping your team make data-driven decisions that improve business performance.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Many companies are buried in mountains of customer data and content. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a powerful, unified platform for streamlining facets of the customer life cycle—from prospect to cross/upsell to long-term support. BKD can help you extend traditional CRM functionality into actionable intelligence to improve revenue, margin, and customer satisfaction.

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Office Productivity Tools

BKD offers tools to help your employees boost their creativity, mobility, and teamwork, all while helping keep your data secure. If you are interested in office productivity tools, contact a BKD representative today.

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Business Intelligence

Choosing the right business intelligence tool for your organization can be overwhelming. You need the right tools to collect, analyze, and transform your company’s data into meaningful information to help make more intelligent business decisions. BKD Technologies offers a variety of tools to help you with data visualization, data warehousing, dashboards, data analytics, and reporting.

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Corporate Performance Management

Corporate performance management can be thought of as the collaborative accomplishments, successes, and failures of your organization. BKD’s corporate performance management solutions and services can help your organization make intelligent decisions, whether your goal is to reduce costs, remodel your budget, or improve your financial planning process.

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