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Pricing Strategy & Transparency

Evaluate & Establish Charges That Are Rational & Defensible

With rising premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs, external pressure from employers and private payors and the demand for a consumer-centric approach to health care delivery, hospitals face increased pressure to justify and be more transparent with their pricing. Having hospital prices that are strategically set yet rational and defensible to a consumer is the first step to better transparency. With the increased federal and state requirements regarding price transparency, hospitals are focused on determining the best approach to providing strategic, clear pricing information to consumers. 

BKD’s experienced professionals can assist your organization in evaluating and establishing charges that are rational and defensible while assessing the effect of price changes to your bottom line. BKD can assist with strategies that move beyond posted charges to better inform patients of their out-of-pocket obligations—the next step to greater transparency.

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