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Performance Improvement In Health Care

Helping Health Care Leaders Implement Performance Improvement Initiatives & Sustainability

Has your organization experienced the challenges of addressing market shifts, responding to disruptive reimbursement pressures and operating on reduced margins? You have a vision for improved performance and strategic positioning, and BKD is uniquely positioned to outline areas and actions that can lead to cost control and revenue enhancement. The outcome? Lean Health Care. 

Our Health Care Performance Advisory Services team comprises hospital executives, physicians, nurses, service-line leaders and CPAs with the expertise to identify opportunities and develop action plans. We’ll conduct a diagnostic assessment and provide you with an interactive, web-based performance database—BKD Outcomes Compass™—to include your organization’s current state metrics, benchmarking and future state goals. We’ll use the diagnostic assessment results to help you identify and quantify revenue enhancement and cost savings opportunities. Finally, we’ll provide you with a detailed implementation plan and a dedicated team of advisors to manage the transformation efforts.  

Our services are organized into the following workstreams:

Cost Savings

Building strong, sustainable margins involves realizing more earned revenue and spending wisely. Spending wisely starts with implementing efficiencies, eliminating unnecessary or duplicative costs and improving your utilization of resources. In our deliverables, leaders benefit from benchmarking intelligence and identified opportunities to strengthen controls for managing labor costs, including productivity, nonlabor expenses and purchased services.

Strategic Initiatives

Health care has experienced M&A activity, IT changes and increased complexity over the past few years, and these changes can contribute to inefficiencies, lost revenue and unnecessary costs. Our professionals can analyze your organization and help you lead the way to integrated, operational processes systemwide and health plan alignment.

Clinical & Operational Excellence

You balance the daily clamor of pressing demands with your future-focused goals—so how will you strengthen outcomes, prepare for increased risk and generate streamlined pathways? Our professionals include former nurses, hospital administrators, physicians and population health leaders who reduce care delivery variations and increase clinical resource utilization efficiencies. Learn more about how we help providers:

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