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Alternative Payment Models in Healthcare

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Position Your Agency to Thrive in a Value-Based Environment

BKD believes the future of healthcare includes a shift from fee-for-service payment models to alternative payment models (APM) based on fee-for-value. Home care agencies are well positioned to be key players in this shift. A data-driven approach will be crucial as home care agencies strive to showcase their value through key metrics. Leading factors for successfully navigating value-based payment models include demonstrating quality outcomes while improving the patient experience and lowering the cost of care. Our healthcare professionals have developed data-driven solutions to enhance your organization’s ability to successfully manage programs with collaborating entities.

Impact Beyond the Mandates

It’s anticipated that 50 percent of Medicare spending will be through APMs by the end of 2018, and home care agencies already are being affected by APM quality and cost focus. In the current bundled payment models, hospitals typically bear the financial risks and are held accountable for an entire episode of care, including acute and post-acute services. These hospitals are analyzing home care data to identify high-quality, efficient providers who can help them achieve success.

Critical Timing for Preparation

Preparing an organization to navigate APMs takes time. Organizations need to plan 6 to 18 months out to successfully measure, monitor, and manage processes and be able to demonstrate results. Because these models rely on historical data, organizations that prepare have an opportunity to expand market share and increase referral volumes. Regardless of whether an APM currently affects your marketplace, now is the time to prepare.

Skills, Resources, & Time Investments

Developing tools and processes on your own to plan your strategy can be labor-intensive. However, working with your BKD advisor to employ tools and strategies can be a cost-effective option that makes the transition to an APM manageable for leadership and staff. The transition from volume to value requires leadership involvement from cross-functional teams to implement best practices and drive change management.

How to Start Preparing

Diligently conducting an initial analysis to identify and develop an effective strategy is the first step for understanding and assessing the effect of APMs in your market and competitive landscape.

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