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Microsoft Security Solutions

Improve Your Security with Enterprise-Class Technology

Cybersecurity threats are often overwhelming. By building around Microsoft Security solutions, you can protect your business and assets, simplify your strategy, and confidently embrace new technology. No matter what aspect of your enterprise you need to secure, BKD can assist you in selecting the right Microsoft service for the job.

Identity & Access Management – Secure identities with biometrics, multifactor authentication, and password protection.

Key Management – Protect cryptographic keys and secrets used by cloud services with Azure Key Vault.

Threat Protection – Intelligent, automated threat protection can detect and mitigate threats before they affect your users and systems.

Auditing & Logging – Identify security gaps through auditing and logging a wide range of events, including multiple categories of user sign-ins, configuration changes, and data access. Use advanced diagnostic tools to capture detailed information about potential security risks and network vulnerabilities in your cloud environment.

Data Security & Encryption – Encrypt databases, files, storage accounts, virtual machines, and other objects in the cloud, whether at rest or transit.

Information Protection – Discover and secure sensitive information anywhere in your enterprise. Enhance your security to comply with regulatory requirements such as GDPR and provide users with tools and knowledge to secure data.

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