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Digital transformations are fundamentally changing the way you do business. To maintain a competitive advantage, manufacturers and distributors require flexibility in their operations and must continually drive innovation. BKD and Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you compete in today’s ever-changing landscape.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides manufacturers and distributors with a solution designed with flexibility and change in mind, built with operational excellence at its core and focused on allowing you to drive innovation and lead in your market.

With successful manufacturing implementations in process, discrete, configure-to-order, engineer-to-order and hybrid manufacturing, and successful distribution implementations across the industry, BKD and Microsoft are well qualified to help empower your people to transform your business. Powerful, integrated, and intuitive, our tools can help you manage production and resource planning while reducing costs and transition times to help increase customer satisfaction. Our solutions fit many manufacturing sectors, including the following:

Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing

Make-to-stock and make-to-order manufacturing organizations need a comprehensive suite of applications to help provide efficiency, insight, and reduced costs across the business. You need a solution that can be deployed quickly to help you reduce excessive inventory, track data throughout the manufacturing process, and help provide more accurate quotes to customers.

Discrete Manufacturing

For discrete manufacturers, maintaining control of workflow and processes can be particularly challenging. The nature of your business requires you to manage an array of components and machines, requiring you to focus on both the individual aspects and overarching efficiency of your manufacturing process. Enterprise resource planning can help with process automation and data analysis to ease your time-consuming manual collection and reporting routines. 

Process Manufacturing

As a process manufacturer, your requirements are uniquely different from a discrete manufacturer, including the ability to create byproducts, run continuous and batch production, and schedule machines based on capabilities. Dynamics solutions can help you systematically control these processes within your manufacturing facility.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing

In food and beverage, you contend with diet trends and health issues created by demand curves in food services and supermarkets. You need a software solution to help you increase production processes, speed the flow of goods, and meet your delivery commitment. Our technology takes your organization from raw materials to route delivery, helping you move up and down the supply chain. We can help you efficiently track shipping and delivery of goods, support the use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) and bar codes, and use web-based systems to get critical answers to customers at low cost.

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