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International Tax

Efficiently Manage Your Global Business with BKD’s International Tax Services

With the myriad international tax regulations throughout the world today, it's critical to be compliant when taking your business operations abroad. Whether you are monitoring the distribution of goods and services across international borders or helping provide tax savings to U.S. exporters from across the globe, our team of trusted international tax advisors can help with intricate global tax requirements.

BKD's team of international tax professionals complements the tax expertise of local partners throughout our offices. Our extensive international tax expertise can help with the ins and outs of international business regulations.

Foreign Withholding Tax: A Lost Opportunity?

BKD understands the difficulties nonprofit and public sector organizations face in obtaining funds to further their exempt purpose or secure retirement benefits for their plans’ beneficiaries. That is why we are passionate about helping organizations navigate the process of reclaiming foreign withholding taxes to avoid leaving money on the table.

Has your organization been informed of the opportunity to obtain refunds of foreign withholding taxes on investment income, but you don’t know how to manage the reclaim process? BKD can help provide proactive, tailored guidance and the resources you require to file a claim for refund, including reclaim analysis, documentation preparation and assistance, preparation and submission of claims, as well as claim denial investigation and resolution.

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Domestic International Sales Corporations (DISC)

The use of a DISC can provide tax savings to U.S. exporters. In addition to helping establish and calculate the DISC commission under available pricing methods, BKD can assist in preparing accounting records and income tax returns and identifying qualified export receipts.

Foreign Tax Credit & Tax Planning & Compliance

While the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act moved the U.S. from a worldwide tax system to a modified territorial system with dividends from foreign corporations generally being exempt from U.S. taxation, foreign tax credits can still be relevant in certain situations. To help meet compliance requirements and reduce the likelihood of double taxation, BKD can assess your foreign tax credit position and help you develop a strategy to use existing foreign tax credit carryforwards. This will help you more efficiently use foreign tax credits as generated.

Foreign-Derived Intangible Income (FDII) & Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income (GILTI)

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act introduced two new international tax provisions. BKD can help you take advantage of the new FDII export incentive to reduce your U.S tax burden and help you analyze the effect of the new GILTI inclusion, deduction, and foreign tax credit associated with income earned in foreign corporations.

Structuring Support

When acquiring or establishing operations in new jurisdictions, the legal entity structure taxpayers choose will likely affect the global effective tax rate for the enterprise and its shareholders. Conversely, with appropriate planning, a taxpayer may find the right structure reduces the global effective tax rate. BKD can help you find an efficient structure based on your specific attributes and short-term and long-term business goals.

Foreign Currency Gains & Losses on Branch Activity

Conducting business operations in branch form or hybrid branch form, where the owner and branch use different functional currencies, can create an opportunity to generate foreign currency gains and losses recognized under Internal Revenue Code Section 987. The rules regarding §987 are complex and require taxpayers to recognize such foreign currency gains and losses. BKD can help you navigate these rules and maintain documentation to calculate currency gains and losses under these complex rules.

U.S. & Foreign Tax Compliance Services

Now more than ever, compliance with U.S. international information reporting requirements is a top priority for any multinational business. BKD can help you navigate the complex rules for reporting international activities to verify your filing obligations are filed accurately and on time, avoiding costly penalties, and unnecessary tax exposure.

Our tax technology suite offers web-based tools for data collection, collaboration and knowledge sharing. BKD can coordinate foreign tax compliance through the Praxity, AISBL, alliance firms and Huddle—a leading cloud-based collaboration tool that allows us to share files and collaborate with you in a central online environment. BKD understands the importance of working closely with clients and third-party tax professionals to share files and manage international tax projects.

Our membership in Praxity™ gives you the advantage of having access to firms in more than 100 countries with the same high standards as BKD.

Tax Due Diligence for International Investments

If you’re considering investing in a business with foreign operations, assessing the tax position of the target company can have a significant effect on its enterprise value or on the representations and warranties required to complete a deal. BKD can help investors identify U.S. tax risks associated with making a foreign investment. Through our membership in Praxity, AISBL, we have access to tax professionals in more than 100 countries to help provide local country tax due diligence assistance.

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing refers to the pricing of goods, services, or intangibles within a multinational organization, particularly in regard to cross-border transactions.

BKD offers cost-effective transfer pricing assistance based on an understanding of your business. Through our membership in Praxity, AISBL, we can draw on transfer pricing professionals worldwide to serve the needs of multinational clients.

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Global Tax Integration™ Services

BKD’s Global Tax Integration™ practice comprises a team of tax professionals dedicated to helping global companies navigate the growing number of tax rules and regulations across the world.

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Global Mobility Services

If you have employees outside the U.S., you’re likely looking to reduce costs while treating employees fairly and helping them meet their tax compliance responsibilities. BKD has the experience to assist you with many compliance issues, including Social Security, tax planning, tax compliance, and withholding tax implications.

Inbound Services

As foreign organizations move goods, services, and production to the U.S., a number of issues can arise. BKD can assist your organization with tax planning and international imports for inbound services.

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Praxity Tax Guides

Praxity, AISBL has teamed up with the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation to produce country-specific tax guides. These guides provide guidance on business investment, individual and corporate rates and regulations, socio-demographics, economy, culture, and distinctive business characteristics of each country.

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BKD annually prepares thousands of tax returns for individuals, various types of businesses, trusts, and tax-exempt entities. We also provide a variety of tax planning and consulting services.

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