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Internal Audit for Financial Institutions

Strengthen your risk management strategy with tailored internal audit services.

Financial institutions have experienced significant volatility and increased scrutiny from shareholders, regulatory agencies, and the general public, which is why a focused risk management approach with a robust internal audit process is essential. Identifying emerging risks—in addition to testing past events and transactions—is now a shareholder expectation. The board of directors, audit committee, and senior management must be confident the internal audit function addresses the effectiveness of key internal controls.

Creating an internal audit function to leverage existing risk management practices can help your institution reduce risks that could keep you from achieving strategic goals. Our consultative and tailored approach provides insight into industry best practices that stakeholders can use to make informed decisions.

In addition to outsourced or co-sourced internal audit service arrangements, we provide these specialized services:

  • Risk assessment
  • Asset/liability & liquidity risk management testing
  • ACH testing
  • Trust procedures
  • Quality assessment review of institution functions
  • Process & operation reviews
  • PIN security (TR-39)

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Enterprise Risk Management

In today’s challenging regulatory environment, you need assistance coordinating risk management processes to stay focused on strategic business objectives. BKD’s insightful advisors can help you develop an enterprise risk management (ERM) framework designed to identify, analyze, respond to, and monitor potential risks facing your institution. Our advisors can develop a customized ERM framework to fit your needs and help your institution reduce risk, control costs, enhance reporting to management, and make better use of resources.

Asset/Liability Management

Through our asset/liability management services, you can anticipate the impact of financial decisions; stabilize margins; quantify relative risks from different investment, loan, and deposit positions; and monitor the volume and mix of rate-sensitive assets and liabilities.

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