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Institutional Investment Consulting

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Providing a Comprehensive Suite of Investment Consulting Services

With the number of regulations and governmental requirements affecting your institution, making the right investment decisions can be daunting for even the most dedicated professionals. BKD Wealth Advisors, LLC can help.

We use a relationship-focused approach to deliver independent, professional expertise that balances our clients’ best interests with the appropriate regulatory compliance issues.

BKD Wealth Advisors (BKDWA) provides investment consulting services to institutional clients nationwide. We also work on selective one-time investment consulting projects.

Our institutional clients include:

  • Foundations, Endowments, and Nonprofit Organizations
  • For-Profit Entities
  • Governmental Agencies
  • ERISA Plans, Including Defined-Benefit, 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), and Profit-Sharing Plans
  • Colleges and Universities

Solutions from BKDWA

Our services include:

  • Investment Policy Statement Development
  • Asset Allocation Modeling
  • Manager Search, Selection, and Monitoring
  • Investment Management
  • Portfolio and Manager Performance Analysis and Reporting
  • Trustee Meetings and Fiduciary Education
  • Cash Management
  • Fee Benchmarking
  • Request for Proposal Management

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We have 42 offices in 19 states , with BKD Trusted Advisors™ who offer solutions for clients across the country.

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