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Hosted Microsoft Dynamics GP

Deploy Dynamics GP in the Cloud

BKD’s Microsoft Dynamics GP hosting services allow organizations to focus on using their software rather than maintaining the technology that runs it. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a robust, mature enterprise resource planning solution. By hosting Dynamics GP on Microsoft Azure—Microsoft’s industry-leading cloud service—we can provide you with enterprise-class performance without a major capital investment.

  • Reliability – We provide the reliability of redundant hardware, multiple geographic locations and premium high availability and disaster recovery features.
  • Accessibility – Your users can connect securely to applications from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Professional Management – Our experienced engineers monitor and maintain the critical functions of our hosting service.
  • Bring Your Own License – If you already own a Dynamics GP license, you can continue to use it for no additional software cost. We can migrate your existing Dynamics GP installation to our hosting service.
  • Predictable Cost – Our services and features are available for a fixed per-user, per-month fee. In addition, you can convert an existing Dynamics GP license to a subscription license, giving you a single monthly operating expense for your software, hosting and associated services.

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