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Value-Based Payment Models in Healthcare

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How prepared is your organization to take on more risk?

Both the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and commercial payors are eagerly transferring risk to organizations. While there are many paths and models, a risk-based environment is inevitable. Because the future is uncertain, finding the right balance when it comes to your time and resources can be challenging. You want to invest wisely so your efforts prepare you for long-term financial success, reduce clinical variation, and improve patient satisfaction.

If you're participating in CMMI's value-based payment models or risk-bearing commercial contracts, your finances are directly related to your ability to manage risk like insurers.

Here's a closer look at more program-specific information:

  • ACOs
  • Bundled payment models
  • MACRA and MIPS
  • CPC+

BKD’s payment reform team, including data analysts, financial professionals, nurses and physicians, can help you strategically assess participation, engage your stakeholders, and monitor your ongoing metrics.

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Leveraging Analytics to Measure Performance

You need to understand the amount of risk you’re assuming and where risk exists within your patient population. Data analytics can help drive this process, shining light on where risk occurs so your organization can deploy countermeasures.

Our Outcomes Compass™ dashboard can take your data from invisible to invaluable, providing transformation teams with actionable intelligence to understand the origin of your risk. Our approach provides better clarity when connecting cost data with reimbursement data.

Engaging Physicians

Physicians are powerful change drivers and—if equipped with data tools and given incentives—play a crucial role in helping hospitals succeed. We find physicians are most receptive when working with someone who speaks their language and understands their challenges firsthand. That’s why a prominent member of our team is a practicing physician with clinically integrated network experience.

Reducing Care Variation

Care variation is a key risk contributor. That’s why our team includes RNs and physicians who can dive into the data and work with your clinical teams to identify trends and improve care pathways. By using reliable science to redesign care processes, we work with your team to implement evidence-based care. Our teams cover areas such as order sets, pathways, processes, and documentation.

Developing Preferred Provider Networks

As hospitals work to improve episodic care, it will be imperative to identify high-value, post-acute collaborators—such as skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies—that are willing to engage in improvement initiatives.

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