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Healthcare Utilization Review Improvement

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BKD Utilization Review Professionals Can Help You Mitigate Medical Necessity Denial Risk

Third-party payor and Medicare medical necessity rules are increasingly complex. Resolving medical necessity disputes can be time consuming and costly, resulting in many hospitals writing off those dollars. Our professionals can help you prevent these types of denials with cost-effective measures and still be paid for the care you provide. 

To improve your utilization management, BKD can provide best practices to help you:

  • Use key analytics to measure performance and help pinpoint snags in your review processes, and then monitor and track your success
  • Leverage your team to help reduce medical necessity denials
  • Prioritize changes that can help provide strong returns

BKD’s utilization review consultants can offer best-practice recommendations for contemporary utilization review processes that can help prevent denials. We can deliver up-to-date processes to help hospitals and health systems meet the changing Medicare and payor landscape.

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