Healthcare Performance Improvement

Healthcare Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement & Advisory Services in Healthcare

Helping Healthcare Leaders Implement Performance Improvement Initiatives & Sustainability

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For nearly a century, BKD Healthcare has proudly delivered a variety of financial, operational, and other management consulting solutions to thousands of healthcare providers nationwide. Our Health Care Performance Advisory Services team helps our clients identify strategies for competing in an increasingly challenging operating environment.

Healthy margins are critical to delivering your organization’s mission and vision. We aim to produce sustainable results by helping to identify opportunities and working with management to implement performance improvement initiatives. Our approach is simple and straightforward: assess, validate, plan, implement, and monitor. We look forward to working with you soon.

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Revenue Cycle

To exceed the expectations of those you serve, your business office and revenue cycle team strive to follow leading practices. BKD’s experienced revenue cycle team can bring insight and expertise to help identify opportunities where you can excel in revenue cycle operations, including:

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Revenue Integrity

BKD’s experienced approach to revenue cycle performance improvement includes integrity functions that can help organizations improve net revenue and prevent leakage by documenting, coding, billing, and capturing charges for the services they provide. Not only can we assess for opportunities, but our team has the depth, knowledge, and expertise to help transition assessment opportunities all the way through to implementation.

  • Coding & Documentation Improvement (CDI)
  • Charge Description Master (CDM)
  • Pricing & Transparency
  • Charge Capture
  • Coding & Billing Compliance

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Physician Enterprise

BKD’s team of physician enterprise advisors has a unique perspective on physician alignment and a deep understanding of the challenges facing your medical practices. From helping improve overall profitability and capturing referrals to operations and revenue cycle enhancements, our advisors can assist you in achieving successful outcomes for your patients and providers. In addition, we assist with designing provider compensation models and providing FMV opinions. Here’s how we can help:

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Clinical & Operational Excellence

BKD offers a range of services to help you implement clinical and operational improvements. Our core service offerings include:

Workforce Productivity

Faced with increasing financial demands as well as the need for an efficient labor force, the capabilities of some healthcare organizations could significantly exceed demand. Regardless, patient care needs should not be compromised when determining staffing requirements. Productivity should be monitored, understood, and improved for continued financial success.

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Non-Labor Cost Reduction

To achieve and maintain a healthy cost structure, nonlabor costs must be rigorously managed and continuously challenged. High performers know that continued investment in cost reduction is a critical and productive investment. While inherently difficult to manage, nonlabor areas such as supplies, purchased services, and capital are great sources for year over year margin improvement. With the right strategy, skills, and investment, even high-performing organizations can see bottom line improvement equal to 1.5 to 3 percent of net patient service revenue.

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340B & Pharmacy Services

The 340B Program can bring significant savings and compliance risk. It’s important to have a program that helps identify compliance issues and operates efficiently. That’s why we have advisors who specialize in the 340B Program to help organizations assess compliance, quickly reduce risk, and identify areas for operational improvements. Here’s how we can help:

  • 340B Program Development & Optimization
  • 340B Compliance
  • Pharmacy Expansion
  • Pharmacy Structure
  • Opioid Assistance
  • Provider-Based Billing
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