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In the highly competitive, heavily regulated banking industry, the cost of doing business is at an all-time high. Many institutions are asking themselves "what's next?" Succession issues may be driving you to test the waters for a potential merger or acquisition. Or, you may be looking for opportunities to expand your footprint in strategic markets.

No matter which side of the table you're on, these activities require careful planning and analysis. Whether you're buying, selling or simply planning for the long term, BKD has the experience and know-how to help guide you.

Merger & Acquisition Services

Mergers, acquisitions, new charters or branching activities require careful planning and analysis. With our experience, knowledge, and investment banking resources, we can:

  • Study the effect of the proposed transaction on your operation
  • Assist with due diligence
  • Develop strategies, such as the use of holding companies and reverse stock splits, to facilitate the transaction or eliminate minority shareholders
  • Perform a business valuation
  • Help structure the transaction in a tax-advantageous manner
  • Prepare applications for state and federal regulatory approval
  • Represent your organization in a transaction

Holding Company Formations

BKD can help you evaluate the pros and cons of forming a holding company and consider tax advantages, stock redemption opportunities, new business lines, acquisition opportunities, and regulatory issues. We also can help you form the company by preparing projections and application forms.

IPO & Stock Conversions

The decision to go public or convert from mutual to stock ownership requires plenty of discussion and planning. BKD can help with this complex process by:

  • Analyzing the feasibility of an initial public offering (IPO)
  • Assisting with strategic planning and business plan development
  • Analyzing the potential price-earnings multiples available from public markets
  • Assisting in the preparation of data for inclusion in the applications and filings

Valuation Services

BKD's Business Valuations team serves large and small companies—privately held and publicly traded—across the United States. Our seasoned professionals keep abreast of the latest techniques and issues in their field and can assist with a wide range of valuation services, including financial reporting, bank transactions, tax compliance, ESOPs, corporate advisory, shareholder agreements, disputes, strategic insolvency, and bankruptcy.

Strategic Planning Services

BKD National Financial Services Group can assist with your strategic planning by conducting strategic planning retreats that produce a game plan for achieving overall goals and forecasting the results through financial projections.

Our business planning retreats help define your organization’s mission and goals; identify the operational, financial and management problems that may impede achievement of those goals; and develop an action plan.

Our computerized financial models allow you to compare past and future results, analyze the impact of variables, apply various financial formulas and ratios to existing financial statements, and use analytical techniques to explain the numbers. These quantified results can be meshed with management’s goals.

De Novo Banks

BKD has the experience to guide you through the intricate process of creating a de novo bank and the resources to make it happen. Let us put our insight to work for you.

Regulatory Approval

BKD can prepare filings with the appropriate state and federal regulatory agencies to establish your new bank charter and obtain the required deposit insurance. Our advisors also can assist in creating a comprehensive business plan and related financial projections that create a vision for your new bank.


BKD can assist you in choosing the appropriate structure, including the establishment of a holding company, electing S corporation tax status and other important structuring decisions.


Accurate capital projections and financial data are crucial to a successful de novo bank application. BKD has helped numerous de novo banks prepare the necessary documentation, and we have the insight and experience to help guide you through the process of determining the appropriate level of capital to support your business plan.


Working in conjunction with BKD Technologies, we can help you with your data processing and technology decisions, including computer selection, proof processing, compliance systems, document capturing, network discussions, ATMs, and teller machines.

Growth Planning

Using our extensive knowledge of the industry, our consultants have helped hundreds of banks plan for the future. Our advisors know the questions crucial to compiling an effective growth strategy and have the passion to help you take your business to the next level

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