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Helping You Manage COVID-19 Related Funding

Like other organizations across the nation, you’re likely assessing how the COVID-19 pandemic may affect your citizens, donors, and customers—both in the short term and coming years. Distributing and appropriately expending funds play a key part in getting local businesses and citizens back on their feet. Whether you’re new to the world of grants management or already have a system in place, BKD can help you create, broaden, or improve your process. 

Our trusted advisors understand the challenges of federally compliant relief funding prioritization, application, and distribution. Learn more about our offerings below and let us know how we can help you build on your success.

Allowable Costs by Funding Source

Various funding sources, deadlines, and unique requirements add complexity to determining the highest and best use of available funding for you and those you serve. 

BKD Can Help:

  • You understand the various forms of funding you’ve received and work with you to identify allowable expenses based on your needs
  • Recipients/subrecipients understand how to properly use these funds by avoiding questionable costs, audit findings, and negative publicity from allegations of misuse

Grant Policies & Procedures

BKD delivers end-to-end contract compliance services that can help establish assessment and eligibility protocols, implement new procedures and internal controls, and provide support through subrecipient monitoring. This also can help reduce risk and maintain the cost benefit analysis of compliance with federal and state authorities.  

We can assist with:

  • Creating, modifying, and/or implementing grant policies and procedures
  • Developing tailored checklists to assist in grants management and compliance
  • Identifying applicable compliance requirements
  • Reviewing the grantee’s budget to identify opportunities for allocation of indirect costs and matching requirements
  • Developing procurement policies and processes to help administrate allowable expenditures

Eligibility Compliance Evaluation

Our evaluation approach includes:

  • Assessing whether federal fund recipients are properly eligible based on guidance stated in the oversight agency’s contract requirements. We balance these requirements against your organization’s strategic objectives to help identify appropriate funding to apply for or pass through
  • Creating and/or assisting in the application process for subrecipients who apply to your organization for funding. This is to help maintain proper controls before funds are passed through to others
  • Monitoring and assessing whether changes in a participant’s eligibility status was handled in accordance with the contract and oversight agency’s requirements

Subrecipient Monitoring

With significantly more funding likely passing through your organization than normal, having a robust subrecipient monitoring solution is critical. 

BKD's subrecipient modeling solution includes:

  • Evaluating internal controls and processes for monitoring subrecipients, including risk assessments and determinations and monitoring policies based upon assessed risk level
  • Leveraging data analytics and forensic monitoring procedures to help reconcile key budget line items to the subrecipient’s supporting documentation submission and helping identify potential fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Submitting financial packages to the funding entity and providing required integration for outcomes reporting to federal and state regulators
  • Identifying allowable or unallowable costs and control objectives that can provide reasonable assurance that awards are expended only for allowable activities and the cost of goods and services charged to federal awards are allowable in accordance with Uniform Guidance and CARES Act regulations

Procurement Policy Preparation & Implementation

Our services include:

  • Educating management on documentation required for complying with procurement rules in accordance with Uniform Guidance and funding sources
  • Testing compliance requirements for an agreed-upon sample of purchases. For example, a vendor initially may be identified as a sole source provider, but upon assessment, it is determined the vendor does not meet the definition, resulting in noncompliance
  • Assisting in the development of an organization’s procurement policy based upon the entity’s structure and follows federal, state, and contract requirements
  • Helping create an internal implementation checklist that’s compliant with the organization’s procurement policy
  • Monitoring procurement purchases through data analytics

Training on Grants Management & Funding Requirements

Through online training—live and on-demand—we can help educate recipients/subrecipients on how to properly account for expenses and remain compliant with various funding source requirements.

Process Improvement Assessment

The complexity of federal award requirements often results in time-consuming processes. These processes affect departments and individuals in unique ways based on the managed awards. Beyond helping maintain compliance, we also can help refine these processes to improve operating efficiencies.

Audit Preparation

BKD can help organizations comply with reporting requirements for future regulations relating to CARES Act funding. These will include a summary of general ledger details and performed reconciliations. In addition, we’ll review transactions for federal compliance and assist you in coordinating, planning, and responding to OIG or state auditor audits. In the event of an audit, we also can assist in compiling your Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards, as well as other schedules and documentation.

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