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Using Data to Fuel Your Decisions & Further Your Mission

Higher education leaders are expected to address changing student demographics, drive efficiencies and identify new programs to grow and maintain enrollment. You need better solutions to help create and sustain success in these critical areas.

BKD Financial Sustainability Services can help you evaluate financial contributions, make informed operational decisions and better meet student demands and workplace needs.

How We Can Help You

  • View financial performance at a variety of levels, including college, program, department, course and faculty
  • Evaluate demand and financial performance of academic programs
  • Review margin analysis dashboards and industry trends
  • Make data-informed decisions and communicate with the board and other leadership

Financial & Scenario Modeling

Financial & Scenario Modeling is a dynamic, agile forecasting tool that helps higher ed leaders visualize the institution’s financial future based on tailored strategic scenarios:

  • Compare the financial forecasts and ratios of multiple initiatives and scenarios 
  • Stress test strategic decisions in real time 
  • Forecast multiple initiatives at the same time

Program Economic Analysis

Program Economic Analysis is an affordable, analytical solution that helps institutions evaluate the financial contribution of each student, section, course, department program or campus:

  • Interactive Program Economic Analysis dashboards
  • Focus on programs (majors) economics/margin analysis
  • Review trends and forecasts for your programs
  • Assess the economics and financial performance

Case Studies

Academic Portfolio Review

Academic Portfolio Review uses robust industry data to review the external demand for your current and potential new programs to help you decide what programs to start, stop, sustain or grow:

  • Access to robust market demand data
  • Facilitated process to help you understand the information
  • Experienced advisors who will help guide you through the process
  • Custom scoring system to fit your institution

Customized Consulting

BKD can provide customized consulting to assist academic and administrative leaders in making sound operational and strategic decisions.

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