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In today’s competitive service industry with increasing customer demands, having the right tool to track, report, collaborate, and streamline your field service operation is critical. What’s most important—being connected to the cloud, mobility, or insight into data? The answer may be simple, but finding the right solution can be challenging. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service, see how BKD’s industry expertise and digital transformation strategies can help your organization reach its full potential. Services we can assist you with include:

  • Resource optimization. Automatic resource scheduling, drag-and-drop dispatcher dashboard, and better inventory management data can help your internal resources be proactive and react faster to changes.
  • Empowering technicians. Mobile access, centralized customer information, real-time information, and turn-by-turn directions to the work site can help increase your technicians’ on-time appointment rates, productivity, and customer satisfaction.
  • Customer engagement. Share quotes and contract, scheduling, and technician information with your customers to help improve transparency and communication. You also can allow customers to self-schedule appointments and provide them with automated voice and text updates.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Enhance the field service you provide to your customer base and your field operations activities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service brings together the right features to help your organization move from a reactive, “break and fix” model to a proactive model, giving you an edge in the market.

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