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BKD Technologies helps organizations like yours gain a competitive business advantage with information technology solutions. Our advisors are certified in market-leading products, industry niches and functional applications, but they also have a deep familiarity with the real subject at hand—your industry. Our professionals are ready to share industry-specific insights to help you improve your organization’s business management technology.

Our professionals bring years of practical industry experience to bear on each engagement, providing business acumen, best practices, and expertise alongside world-class technology solutions. No matter your industry, you need people, processes, and enabling technologies that support the unique requirements in which you operate—without time—consuming customization and development.

Manufacturing Technology Solutions

Manufacturing companies leverage systems to make their internal processes more efficient. The real-time information flow in these systems simplifies data collection, analysis, and reporting, which can improve decision making. The opportunity to digitize and transform your business has never been more accessible. If your manufacturing system needs help keeping up with today’s business demands, consider a solution from BKD Technologies.

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Healthcare Technology Solutions

Healthcare organizations need a single integrated solution to avoid redundant data entry and errors. BKD can help provide up-to-date solutions to help generate better operational, cost management, and revenue recognition reporting. If you’re dealing with inefficient flow of financial and integrated billing information, BKD can provide the expertise and solutions you need to grow your business.

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Field Service Technology Solutions

Companies in various industries are investing in ways to increase their bottom line and improve customer experience. Selecting a field service solution that can grow with you and your customer’s expectations and keep up with digital transformation is important. Learn how BKD’s industry expertise combined with leading technology can help you streamline your field service operations.

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Distribution Technology Solutions

BKD Technologies software solutions can help you streamline your supply chain management to meet specific needs and keep pace with competitive markets and low margins. We offer an end-to-end software solution to help distribution companies like yours cut their month-end closing time, get control of inventory, increase operating efficiencies, and more.

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Technology Solutions for Family Office

Family offices have unique challenges in supporting family wealth and operational needs, often while using outdated technology and software. Whether your focus is simplifying consolidations or allocations or streamlining the onboarding process for new entities, your choices in provider and technology can make a difference.

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Professional Service Organizations Technology Solutions

Professional Service Organizations (PSO) need the ability to meet their clients’ needs for on-time, on-budget results. Today’s digital transformation processes offer the ease of a single integrated solution and often avoid redundant data entry, errors, and time-consuming data aggregation. BKD can address operational, cost management, revenue recognition, and project profitability issues and help find solutions that fit.

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Nonprofit Technology Solutions

BKD Technologies understands the nonprofit industry is more competitive than ever. As organizations strive to demonstrate their mission’s relevance, they need to leverage the proper technology systems that will help showcase their success and run their day-to-day business operations more efficiently. Learn how BKD technology solutions can help your organization achieve its mission.

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Higher education institutions are often impeded by inflexible financial and reporting systems, resulting in cost, resource, and service inefficiencies. To help maintain compliance, increase reporting capabilities, and gain visibility into budgets, BKD offers software solutions fit for higher education institutions. By leveraging fully integrated education solutions, institutions, educators, students, and parents can receive the highest quality outcomes. 

Construction Digital Transformation Solutions

Technology is advancing the construction industry. Tools like project tracking, geo-fencing, augmented reality, and mobile devices are transforming project efficiency, metrics, and safety. BKD provides expertise and solutions to help organizations envision and create a digital transformation strategy. We start by assessing the current status, listening to the future vision, and building a plan to achieve the change.

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Local, State, & Federal Government Technology Solutions

Government agencies are often tasked with delivering on their charters with inflexible, antiquated, and expensive legacy applications—all in an environment of limited and uncertain budgets. Learn how BKD can help state, local, and federal agencies modernize their applications and processes within the framework of challenging fiscal environments.

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