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Employee Benefit Plan Audit

Stay Abreast & Tackle the Future with BKD’s Employee Benefit Plan Audit Team

With the significant investment you make in your employee benefit plan, you understand the importance of closely monitoring your plan’s areas of risk, internal controls, and financial statement amounts and disclosures all while maintaining compliance with regulations. That’s why many plan sponsors are turning to BKD for timely insight, innovative solutions, and a depth of plan resources.

Our trusted advisors audit approximately 1,730 plans annually, including 401(k), ESOP, 403(b), and defined benefit pension plans as well as 11-K plans and health and welfare plans. As a top five provider, BKD’s experienced professionals, from partner to staff level are dedicated to working on benefit plan audits and pension plan audits, and focus on communication throughout the audit process to help cut down on your stress. Find out how organizations like yours are benefiting from BKD’s employee benefit plan audit expertise.

Request a Benchmarking Report

BKD has access to a benchmarking database, and our advisors can leverage the reporting data to provide insight and help you evaluate how your plan stacks up against your competitors.


Tax Compliance & Reporting

BKD annually prepares thousands of tax returns for individuals, all types of businesses, trusts, and tax-exempt entities. We also provide a variety of tax planning and consulting services.

  • Form 5500 preparation and electronic filing:
    • Summary Annual Report (where applicable)
  • Form 8955-SSA preparation and electronic filing
  • Form 5330 Excise Tax Return preparation
  • Form 990 preparation (for your VEBA Trusts)
    • Form 990-T preparation (UBIT return where applicable)

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Benefit Plan Consulting

Our Benefit Plan Consulting practice provides plan design, implementation, compliance testing and administration, government filing, record-keeper searches, investment consulting, and employee education services to retirement plan sponsors.

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BKD Wealth Advisors

BKD Wealth Advisors uses extensive professional knowledge to build a unique plan tailored to your objectives. Our role as a fiduciary means you can be confident we put you and your interests first.

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