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Distribution Technology Solutions

Combining Software with BKD’s Expertise to Help Improve Your Distribution Business

You want to streamline your pick, pack and ship cycle, tailor workflow processes to meet specific needs, and keep pace with competitive markets and low margins. BKD can help distribution companies like yours cut their month-end closing time, get control of inventory, increase operating efficiencies, and more. We know the value that enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management solutions can provide your organization, and we can help you leverage those solutions to create a competitive edge.

As a leader in the supply chain and distribution markets, BKD has expertise in providing cost-saving solutions. We can provide end-to-end solutions to help you achieve: 

  • Reduced shipping and freight charges and errors
  • Fully integrated warehouse visibility
  • Lower warehouse labor costs 
  • Access to real-time reporting tools for decision makers 
  • Improved compliance management in materials handling, retail compliance, and financial regulations

Our solutions assist many distribution sectors, including:

Wholesale/Big–Box Distribution

Wholesale and big–box distribution requires a streamlined solution that allows for easy sales order entry, inventory management, and increased employee productivity, all to assist you with tight margins. Our technology helps you master your supply chain to meet your customers’ demands and determine paths for future growth. BKD solutions can help enhance master planning operations for better inventory and supply chain control, improve sales order entry processing, direct warehouse planning for picking processes, and allow for real-time collaboration with vendors—all with the common goal of improving your business.

Food & Beverage Distribution

You need a single-route solution that can accommodate the beverage industry’s specialized needs. Our technology can take your organization from raw material to route delivery, helping you move up and down the supply chain.

To stay competitive, wine and spirits distribution companies need full software functionality to help with supply chain tracking, on/off premises inventory tracking, allocation protection, price period structures, and more. Discover the BKD solution for wine and spirit distributors.

Direct Store Delivery

Direct store delivery requires a system with agile picking and packing solutions to help direct warehouse personnel to the correct locations through a picking route to pack disparate parts into a single shipment to stores. The functionality in BKD’s software solutions allow for wave and cluster picking methods to help eliminate wasted work by warehouse operations during sales picking.

Omnichannel Distribution

Omnichannel distribution requires special software functionality to allow for tracking of partial boxes, pallets, and shipments to individual customer addresses. BKD’s software solutions can use containerization processes to help you select the right-sized shipping container and reduce excess shipping costs.

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