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Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics Services to Help You Discover & Recover Data

With a state-of-the-art digital forensics lab, highly trained and experienced staff and sophisticated software, BKD’s certified digital forensics professionals help make forensic data retrieval and analysis affordable. Our digital forensics services can help you find the “smoking gun” hiding in digital media and streamline the process to focus on the most critical factors affecting your litigation or investigation.

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Our Expertise

We have some of the nation’s leading experts in retention and preservation of documents and electronic data. Our team members help write national best practices for electronic data discovery and document and data retention. We can help:

  • Retrieve active, deleted, and residual data from PCs, servers, databases, mobile devices, and "wearables"
  • Preserve and analyze social media and cloud-based data
  • Identify if proprietary information has been copied or distributed (trade-secret theft)
  • Provide digital forensics preservation and analysis in cybersecurity incident response matters
  • Provide support on forensic accounting or fraud investigation matters
  • Respond to electronic data production requests from opposing parties
  • Provide expert testimony and consultation related to electronic discovery
  • Serve as court-appointed discovery masters on electronic data issues

Cutting-Edge Technology

We also use proprietary cutting-edge data mining technologies to help make our investigations more efficient, such as artificial intelligence-based review (predictive coding or technology-assisted review), emotional tone detection in email and social media to identify relevant material, and social network analysis to identify difficult-to-detect relationships among parties in an investigation.

Industry & Project Experience

Our investigation experience cuts across all industries and includes healthcare, manufacturing, retail, higher education, financial services, construction, not-for-profit, and charitable organizations as well as governments and municipalities. Typical project matters include theft of trade secrets and intellectual property, breach of contract, family law, software piracy, personal injury, medical malpractice, general litigation, internal fraud investigations, public corruption, and fraud/embezzlement.

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