Revenue Cycle Analytics & Denials Management Health Care Charts

Denial Management in Healthcare & Medical Billing

Drive Organizational Performance, Increase Margins, & Reduce Payor Denials

Are insurance claim denials causing your organization significant delay or inability to receive payment? Is your ability to identify and quantify operational issues affecting financial performance? Our revenue cycle analytical tools can assist with bridging the communication gap between your clinical, operational, and financial leaders to help drive organizational performance.

Our Health Care Performance Advisory Services team has a robust suite of analytical tools. Working with your existing data, we can use our system and industry expertise to help provide tailored solutions regarding:

  • Payor claim denials and rejections
  • Transactional system adjustments and write-offs
  • Staff and team quality and productivity
  • Vendor performance

BKD’s analytics and denials management services help provide many benefits to your organization, including:

  • Increased visibility into your financial and operational performance
  • Reduction of preventable operational issues affecting claim payment
  • Strategically prioritized organizational initiatives
  • Understanding of your performance compared to industry benchmarks

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