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Risk Assessment Tool for Cybersecurity

BKD Offers Cybersecurity Metrics to Quickly Understand Your Risk Position

Cybersecurity is a vast topic, leaving many companies overwhelmed with understanding how secure they are and finding ways to effectively improve their position. BKD Technologies has advisors who specialize in IT security and enterprise resource planning strategy, helping organizations assess cybersecurity risk and identify areas for improvement. Here’s how we can help with your cyber threat and security metrics:

DEFCON Cyber™ by Rofori | A security operations, analytics, measurement, and reporting platform streamlined for small businesses with enterprise-level functionality. This tool reads the alerts generated by currently installed cybersecurity and threat detection tools, such as anti-virus and anti-malware software, and prioritizes them for action based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s framework.

Data captured by the tool is compiled in a valuable dashboard where information is returned in a format similar to a FICO score—easy to read, understandable, and actionable. If you currently are not doing anything to measure your cybersecurity risk, this is an easy and affordable entry point.

Cybersecurity & IT Risk

Are your defenses strong enough to withstand a cyberattack? We can help remedy weaknesses in your systems or respond to a breach if you've already been hit by hackers.

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