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Taking Your Data from Invisible to Invaluable with Right-Sized Analytics Solutions

Your organization generates impressive amounts of data every day—and most of it remains hidden. But just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. If handled right, your data can reveal important facts, trends, and patterns that can provide invaluable insights into your organization.

BKD Analytics professionals have been developing leading-edge data analytics solutions for years. We can use your data to help you enhance marketing strategies, develop competitive advantages, open up new revenue opportunities, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiency.

Analyzing organizational data can be overwhelming. With multiple systems, varying formats, and the sheer volume of data generated daily, deciding where to start can be a challenge. Our team of experienced professionals can help your organization build a successful, sustainable data analytics program. Our approach can help focus your team's efforts, achieve quick results, and deliver value.

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We recognize our clients have challenges ranging from general risk to industry specific issues. Whether you’re looking for an off-the-shelf service or a customized package, our team of professionals will work with you to develop solutions for your organization.

Payment Risk Analytics

Data analytics is one of the most effective anti-fraud controls, yet only a third of organizations use it. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2020 Report to the Nations, the median loss due to fraud in the 2,504 cases studied was $125,000. Losses range from small expense reimbursement fraud to asset misappropriation to multimillion-dollar corruption schemes. No matter what fraud scheme you’re facing, we have the solutions to address it.

  • Purchasing Card Risk Analytics
    Purchasing cards—also known as corporate credit, procurement, or travel cards—have empowered employees to make purchasing decisions. They’ve also exacerbated fraud, waste, and abuse. Our team of analysts and Certified Fraud Examiners can effectively leverage the data-rich nature of purchasing cards to help identify high-risk transactions throughout the population.
  • Accounts Payable Risk Analytics
    Monitoring vendor activity plays a key role in managing fraud risk. Nearly all top fraud schemes involve cash disbursements, most of which run through an organization’s vendors and accounts payable. BKD’s proprietary vendor risk analytics solution can provide you with an overall vendor risk score to help identify the high-risk vendors in your organization.
  • Payroll Risk Analytics
    From hourly time records and weekly payroll to email, social media, internet, and computer use, workforce management is laden with data. “Enterprise amnesia”—missing out on potentially unknown data—can significantly limit your decision making. BKD’s workforce analytics solution can help you identify employee- and payroll-related risks and make informed decisions.
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Financial Institutions

Bank Employee Account Review

Examiners encourage banks of all sizes to review employee accounts for risk, but without an efficient method for leveraging data, banks often resort to time-consuming manual procedures. BKD offers a different approach. Our employee account review service uses the power of data analytics to automate the review process and provide organized data.

Loan Portfolio Analytics

Loan portfolios represent the lion’s share of assets for many financial organizations, but they also can pose risks to financial safety and viability. What are you doing to protect your loan portfolio? While most approaches to loan risk focus on sampling and large credits, BKD uses forensic data mining to analyze the entire portfolio to help you manage fraud risk.

Model Risk Management

BKD’s model validation services can provide an “effective challenge” to assess whether a model is performing as expected and is in line with the design objectives and business uses. Our model validation consists of three elements:

  • Evaluation of Conceptual Soundness
  • Ongoing Monitoring
  • Outcomes Analysis


BKDpulse for Community Health Centers

Understanding your market is crucial for growing wisely—so we want to provide you with accurate information to help you make decisions for better financial performance. BKDpulse houses data from existing market tools in one place, including 16 key financial data points from audit reports. This dashboard suite solution can help provide invaluable information for your organization’s continued success.

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BKDpulse for Post-Acute Care Providers

Understanding your market is crucial for growing wisely. BKDpulse for post-acute care providers can help you better position yourself in the market through key metrics. See how you compare to your peers by episode volume, readmission rates, hospital and physician referrals, and service line breakdowns. We also bring in quality measure data to help you further dive into your quality of care.

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Denials Management

BKD’s analytics and denials management services help provide many benefits to your organization, including:

  • Increased visibility into your financial and operational performance
  • Reduction of preventable operational issues affecting claim payment
  • Strategically prioritized organizational initiatives
  • Understanding of your performance compared to industry benchmarks

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Workforce Productivity Manager

Faced with increasing financial demands as well as the need for an efficient labor force, the capabilities of some healthcare organizations could significantly exceed demand. Patient care needs shouldn’t be compromised when determining staffing requirements. Productivity should be monitored, understood, and improved for continued financial success.

Our Workforce Productivity Manager tool allows users to create reports to help identify improvement opportunities for labor or production based on leading practices and comparative benchmarks. We can help you:

  • Develop a productivity culture with the management team
  • Implement productivity improvement plans
  • Develop monitoring tools

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Revenue Cycle Dashboards

Our analytics platform will ingest your weekly data and display results through our interactive, web-based dashboards. With near-real-time access to your key metrics, including A/R, revenue, charges, and billing, you’ll be able to view trends and understand your performance using intuitive data visualizations. Your team can quickly diagnose problems, identify opportunities, and develop action items to improve your medical revenue cycle performance for both hospital and physician settings.

Exclusion Testing

Individuals and organizations that don’t play by the rules can be excluded from participation in federal healthcare programs such as Medicare—and organizations that do business with these excluded parties are at risk. Using BKD’s proprietary algorithms with flexible logic you control, we can compare your physicians, employees, vendors, and other business associates with these lists of excluded parties to bring these risky relationships to light.

Higher Education

Program Economic Analysis

Program Economic Analysis (PEA) is an affordable, analytical solution that assists institutions as they evaluate the financial contribution of each student, section, course, department program, or campus. This platform solution includes:  

  • Interactive PEA dashboards
  • Focus on programs (majors) economics/margin analysis
  • Review of trends and forecasts for your programs
  • Assessment of economics and financial performance

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BKDpulse for Higher Education

Higher education institutions have an abundance of internal data. However, external data may be spread across many different sources, time consuming to consolidate, or limited in its ability to provide insights as displayed. BKDpulse can provide immediate insights without your staff’s assistance. Compare your institution to others by using an intuitive tool designed for a range of metrics, including admissions, enrollment and retention, awards and graduation rates, tuition and aid, financial metrics, and more.

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Manufacturing & Distribution

BKD Optics

Your data tells a story—one that can help you interpret the value drivers of your business and stay ahead of your customers’ ever-changing needs. However, compiling and analyzing this data can be time consuming and challenging. BKD Optics can help.

Our BKDnext® advisors and business data analytics professionals offer a unique approach to help you develop a competitive advantage, reduce risk, and increase the value of your business. In addition, your customized dashboard can help you make strategic decisions to focus efforts on customers and markets that grow and sustain your business.

More Services

Artificial Intelligence-Based Risk Analytics

BKD’s artificial intelligence (AI) systems leverage cutting edge and proprietary technologies to identify risk conditions, spot opportunities, and model uncertainty.  Since organizations are so complex, standard linear analysis falls short. BKD's ability to perform AI-based detection, scenario analysis, and simulations that account for the true nature of an organization will generate insights not possible through standard analytics.

Corruption Risk Analyzer

Corruption accounted for 38 percent of fraud cases in the Association for Certified Fraud Examiners 2018 Report to the Nations. Corruption is typically off the books, which makes detection and prevention a challenge. Combining structured analytics and unstructured data analysis, BKD’s Corruption Risk Analyzer can help identify high-risk vendors and employees in your organization.

Emotion & Sentiment Analysis

Emails, text messages, and social media posts can speak volumes about the author’s emotional state. Detecting certain sentiments early on can help mitigate, and sometimes prevent, crises in your organization. BKD’s emotional tone detection system and sentiment analysis services can be tremendously beneficial in investigations, litigation, and risk management.

Reputational Risk Monitoring

With the prevalence of social media, it’s important to identify reputational risks before they become critical issues. BKD’s reputational risk monitoring platform provides a mechanism to analyze happenings in the social media world and monitor the conversational tone about your organization online. We have the tools to help you mitigate threats before they become full-blown crises.

Financial Statement Analytics

Purchasing a company isn’t simple, and obstacles should be expected. Depending on the size, structure, and sophistication of the target, you may expect to find potential roadblocks related to the relevance, accessibility, and integrity of underlying financial data. Without a way to overcome these obstacles, the buyer risks erosion of investment value as a once potentially successful transaction veers off course. BKD Analytics’ four-step process can help you navigate these obstacles. Key process features include:

  • Data Extraction—Our approach bypasses potential constraints by extracting data directly from your system.
  • Revenue & Cost Accumulation—With raw data in hand, we accumulate revenue and cost data and assign it to the underlying activities of the target, resulting in a more accurate picture of the target’s economic value.
  • Economic Understanding—After obtaining revenue and cost information, we create a new view of the target built upon cost-driving activities, not aggregate financial information. This leads to cross-sectional insight into profitability across different areas of your business.
  • Risk & Opportunity Identification—Our approach aims to identify risks and uncover opportunities. We do this by offering insight pre- and post-transaction by identifying various enhancement opportunities in profitability improvement, product line rationalization, and product volume and mix analysis.

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