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Corporate Performance Management

Enabling Organizations to Manage Their Business Using Data & Analytics

Organizations need to make intelligent decisions to effectively manage their business, such as when to add a product, which territory to include and how many people to have on staff. Does your organization have the right tools and knowledge to make these decisions? 

BKD’s corporate performance management (CPM) advisors offer experience to guide your company with selecting and using CPM solutions. These may be simple and include your current software or may involve adding a solution. No solution works for every organization, but every organization needs one.

CPM Applications & Services

BKD works with corporate performance management (CPM) solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Solver Global’s BI360 is a suite of functionality, available for both the cloud and on-premise, our clients have been using for many years. It provides reporting, budgeting and forecasting in addition to a data warehouse. BKD provides services to implement BI360, train users and develop templates.

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