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Healthcare Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA)

Healthcare Compliance & Corporate Integrity

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Take Steps to Headline-Proof Your Compliance Controls

Healthcare is one of the most highly regulated industries in the United States. Thousands of healthcare entities have been excluded from participating in federal programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, for violating laws or regulations. The Office of Inspector General (OIG), U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), CMS, and other governmental agencies target healthcare fraud and abuse as high-priority areas for inquiries and investigations.

BKD National Health Care Group has assisted healthcare organizations with corporate compliance services since healthcare fraud and abuse became a major concern. Our consultants teach compliance strategies at conferences and seminars, write articles published in national journals, and consult with healthcare organizations across the country. We’ve also developed innovative compliance tools and approaches to help healthcare organizations stay out of hot water. Each compliance service can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Compliance Program Effectiveness Reviews

We can measure the effectiveness of your healthcare organization’s corporate compliance program, conduct risk assessments, facilitate an organizational SWOT analysis, and provide your healthcare organization with recommendations to improve your compliance program. BKD has developed specific tools to help evaluate the effectiveness of your compliance program. These tools include questionnaires, checklists, surveys, and other forms designed to identify compliance gaps and flaws.

Program Review & Design

BKD consultants have developed tools to help healthcare providers create an effective, customized compliance program. Our approach incorporates the OIG’s model compliance program guidance and regulatory developments. We can review your compliance plan document, recommend enhancements, and draft the revised compliance plan to incorporate the OIG’s model compliance guidance and other recommended provisions and healthcare industry best practices.

Risk Assessments

We facilitate the process of identifying potential compliance risks to your healthcare organization and quantifying the level of various risks. We also can assist in developing a work plan to define the scope of compliance work your healthcare organization will perform.

Corporate Integrity Agreements

If your organization has committed a compliance violation and is required to enter into a corporate integrity agreement (CIA), we can assist by designing compliance organizational structures and compliance processes to help reduce the risk of recurring violations and meet CIA requirements.

Independent Review Organization

If your healthcare organization enters into a CIA with the OIG, it typically must contract with an independent review organization (IRO) to provide independent verification your healthcare organization is complying with CIA terms. BKD serves as an IRO to healthcare organizations by combining knowledge and expertise of corporate integrity agreements, compliance program operations, and coding and billing audits to help you meet CIA requirements with cost-effective, proven results.

Training & Education

BKD can help train your compliance committee, employees, management, board members, and physicians on compliance issues. Examples of training include fraud and abuse, current industry developments, compliance program effectiveness, board governance and corporate responsibility, and coding and billing issues.

Coding & Billing Audits

BKD’s team of credentialed and certified coding consultants perform independent and objective reviews in many risk areas, including inpatient and outpatient hospital services, skilled nursing services, rehabilitation and psychiatric services, home health and hospice services, community health centers, and physician services. Our reviews can be performed using a randomly selected or statistically valid sample.

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