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You often have needs beyond traditional accounting and tax planning. BKD has more than 90 years of experience and clients in all 50 states, offering the breadth and depth of experience to help you with your organization’s unique needs and circumstances.

Our suite of advisory services runs the gamut. From IT services, fraud mitigation, and employee benefit audits to planning your personal or professional future, BKD Trusted Advisors™ are ready to help. BKD understands that a one-size-fits-all approach won't work for your varied consulting needs. We start by listening and then work with your organization to help ensure we're methodically addressing your pain points.

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BKD Analytics

Our BKD Analytics team can delve into your organization's data and provide valuable insights to help you enhance marketing strategies, manage risk, and gain operational efficiencies. Find out how we can help.

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Business Valuation

Whether they're compliance-driven, advisory-related, or connected to dispute consulting, BKD’s trusted advisors can help you navigate the valuation complexities you face.

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Cybersecurity & IT Risk

Are your defenses strong enough to withstand a cyberattack? We can help remedy weaknesses in your systems or respond to a breach if you've already been hit by hackers.

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Internal Auditing & Internal Controls

Our external audit services are all about assurance for outside parties, while our internal audit services are all about your internal fiduciary responsibilities and needs. Whether you need assistance on a project-by-project basis, guidance on internal control design, help establishing an internal audit department, or complete outsourcing of your internal audit needs, we can help.

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Enterprise Risk Management

A solid enterprise risk management framework can help your organization reduce risk, control costs, and streamline reporting. BKD Trusted Advisors™ are on top of the latest trends and can help develop a strategy that works for you.

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Corporate Risk Management

Does your model risk management (MRM) program satisfy regulatory requirements? BKD can help banks and other financial institutions with model risk management (MRM) program assessments, model validations, model tuning and calibration, and MRM internal controls Assessments.

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Nonprofit Advisory Services

BKD can help nonprofits tackle their CFO to-do list, including nonprofit financial reporting, grants management and compliance, audit preparation, including Single Audit, budget development, and more.

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BKD Technologies

BKD Technologies can help you improve your business with software solutions. Whether you're selecting a new system, implementing it, or maintaining it, our advisors have the expertise and resources to assist your company's digital transformation.

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Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

BKD can help you navigate employee stock ownership plans (ESOP) and the potential tax benefits that come with them. Contact us today to learn more.

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Forensics, Investigation, & Litigation

BKD Trusted Advisors™ understand the role that consultants, damages experts, and fraud investigators play in litigation. BKD has some of the leading professionals in services like forensic accounting, digital forensics, BKD Analytics, litigation support, and more! Learn about all of our services.

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Performance Improvement & Advisory Services in Healthcare

Has your organization experienced the challenges of addressing market shifts, responding to disruptive reimbursement pressures, and operating on reduced margins? You have a vision for improved performance and strategic positioning, and BKD is uniquely positioned to outline areas and actions that can help lead to cost control and revenue enhancement.

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Public Company Reporting

Filing requirements for public companies (SEC issuers) and similar requirements for banking regulators are among the most complex and sensitive audit services provided. BKD can help, whether companies are already subject to regulatory requirements or are growing and changing in a way that will subject them to these rules.

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Business Succession & Continuity Planning

BKDnext® is an intentional, integrated process designed to help you discover, plan, and execute your vision for the future of your business. With your goals in mind, our specially trained advisors can help you develop a detailed succession and continuity plan.

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Transaction Advisory Services

You know your business inside and out and understand its needs better than anyone. BKD's dedicated team of trusted advisors can help identify and quantify the issues you could encounter in your next major transaction.

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Integrated Audits & SOX 404

BKD can conduct an integrated audit, as required by SOX, resulting in the issuance of a report on the effectiveness of the company's internal controls in addition to our report on the financial statements. See how today.

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Vendor Audits

Organizations across industries have outsourced processes to cut costs, create efficiencies, or remove noncore functions. These relationships are usually governed by contracts. No matter how good your internal controls are, however, you’re still at risk for significant losses. BKD's vendor audit services can help address these concerns and give you peace of mind. Vendor audit services include service-level agreement audits, construction audits, joint venture audits, and vendor contract audits.

Construction Audits

Our team of auditors understands the unique and complex aspects required in a construction audit. An audit of your project will look for cost recovery opportunities, provide a performance assessment, and examine areas for improvement with internal processes and controls.

Consulting, Risk, & Data Analytics for the Public Sector

With increasing demand for your services and cuts in state and federal government funding, you have to remain focused on delivering your mission. Navigating these and other issues effectively requires a multifaceted set of skills that may not always be available in-house. Learn more about why organizations turn to BKD for our wide range of advisory solutions—designed with your specific needs in mind.

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Restructuring & Special Situations

We work with you to help develop practical solutions and prepare and implement a plan that coordinates the strategic, operating, and financial elements of recovery, reorganization, and restructuring.

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Compensation Consulting Services

BKD provides executive compensation consulting services to help nonprofits attract and retain qualified individuals. Find the right fit for your organization today!

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Nonprofit Governance, Strategy, & Communication Services

From financial management consulting to strategic planning and technology solutions, our team of experienced advisors can assist your unique operations. Contact us to learn how one of these engaging sessions can help your organization better achieve its goals and accomplish its mission.

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Nonprofit Impact Study & Organizational Assessments

BKD has an array of assessments and services designed to help improve your impact through the provision of useful recommendations for structure, communication, and information processes.

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Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Consulting & Advisory Services

There is no one-size-fits-all ESG program because every organization faces unique issues and risks. We have the information to help you define ESG, explain its potential effects, describe various ESG frameworks, detail reporting, and get started on building your program.

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