Co-Sourcing Reimbursement Enterprise Solutions

Co-Sourcing Reimbursement Enterprise Solutions

Healthcare Regulatory Reporting Project Management Support

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Regulatory Reimbursement Complexity Hindering Your Growth?

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As healthcare systems deal with an ever-growing to-do list, delayed financial and regulatory information and reporting can add to your daily challenges and harm your ability to make critical decisions. In addition to providing responsive, proactive solutions, our experienced advisors help bring confidence that you’ll receive the timely information you need to make informed decisions. That’s why many organizations turn to BKD for regulatory reporting and project management support, including cost report assistance, regulation evaluations, reimbursement assessments, education, and more. 

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Reimbursement Director Outsourcing

Whether you need long-term, solution-driven outsourcing or a temporary fill-in during a transitional period, we’re here to help. Our specialized reimbursement teams can help give your organization a competitive edge when you need it most.

  • Evaluate effects of strategic organizational changes
  • Assess impacts of regulatory changes, including:
    • Federal IPPS rulemaking
    • State plan amendments, including Medicaid, DSH, and provider taxes
  • Assist with compiling budget information
  • Evaluate third-party settlement estimates

Strategic Review

The pace of change continues to grow. How will organizational changes impact reimbursement? Who’s the right person to help you strategically evaluate these changes? Our team can help:

  • Home office structure assessment
  • Assistance with strategic organizational planning
  • New service Iine consideration
  • Cost report opportunity evaluation

Special Reimbursement Projects

Medicare and other regulatory reimbursements have complete rules and requirements. Let our trusted advisors help you evaluate key drivers impacting your hospital’s reimbursement.

  • Medicare DSH assessment
  • Medicare DSH Survey Preparation and Review
  • Worksheet S-10 uncompensated care
  • Medicare bad debts
  • Wage index and occupational mix survey
  • DRG transfer pricing assessment
  • Program eligibility

Cost Report Compliance

Whether you need one-time, seasonal, or continual assistance, you can count on reliable expertise from your BKD Trusted Advisor™.

  • Data gathering
  • Internal process evolution
  • Cost report assessment – Medicare and Medicaid
  • Cost report preparation


Our experienced team members can share insights with your organization, inspiring a spirt of learning that can foster growth and generate new ideas.

  • Medicare cost reporting compliance
  • Provider-based clinics and rural health clinics
  • Customized educational sessions on a variety of regulatory topics

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