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With the effective date for the current expected credit loss (CECL) standard quickly approaching, it’s important to make sure your institution is setting clear goals for compliance and developing a timeline for implementation. While this process can seem daunting, having a trusted advisor with experience assisting institutions through CECL implementation can help you gain confidence in the decisions you make.

BKD’s advisors can help you navigate the impending changes to your internal controls and processes, governance, risk management, credit loss methodology and modeling and data collection. No matter what stage you are at in the process, our seasoned professionals can offer guidance and best practices so you can be confident your institution is headed in the right direction.

What's the right solution for you?

We’re glad you asked! Financial institutions have diverse needs, and CECL implementation is no different. That’s why BKD offers a flexible solution tailored to your institution’s unique characteristics. Ask yourself these questions to gain a better understanding of where BKD can assist you on your CECL implementation journey:

CECL Committee Workshop

CECL Planning & Readiness

CECL Model Development & Implementation

If you’re ready to discuss specifics about how BKD can help your institution, contact us today to schedule a no-strings-attached conversation.

Not quite ready for that level of commitment? No problem! Check out our library of informative content and useful tools which are designed to help you beef up your CECL knowledge and understanding.




Upcoming Workshops

Our trusted advisors regularly conduct workshops designed to help prepare bankers for CECL implementation. Click below to find a location near you.

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CECL Survey Report

CECL is a growing topic for financial institutions across the country, leading bankers to ask, “Where do we stand compared to our peers?” To help find the answer, BKD recently conducted a CECL Implementation Benchmark Survey that gave industry leaders an opportunity to share their perspectives. Check out this helpful industry outlook report based on the results.

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