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Business Interruption Claims

Helping You Confidently Quantify & File Business Interruption Claims

When disaster strikes, BKD can help you develop and assess business interruption claims and provide expert witness assistance when dealing with lost profits or economic damages.

Filing a claim to maintain your business income during the recovery period can be particularly complex. To make a successful claim against a business income policy, you need to prove and document damages to the extent they're covered by the policy, and you’ll need to estimate the profit you would have earned. The process involves multiple parties and can require significant documentation and analysis.

Our professionals have served as expert witnesses on damages and lost profits and assisted businesses and insurance companies with claims arising from large natural disasters or smaller setbacks related to fires, power outages and road construction. Our experienced expert witnesses also can assist you and your attorneys with denied claims.

Let's discuss your situation and see how we might be able to ease the claims process.

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