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BKDpulse™ houses data from existing market tools in one convenient location. Request a demo to see what BKDpulse™ can do for you.

Check the Pulse of Your Organization’s Health

How does your organization check out against your peers? With BKDpulse, your management team can measure your financial information against other organizations in the country. You can view detailed comparable data to help benchmark performance, productivity, and more. If you’re looking for new ways to improve your bottom line or wondering how you measure up, BKD can help.

BKDpulse for CHCs

If you’re looking for new ways to improve your bottom line or wondering what other clinics are doing, BKD can help. Check the pulse of your community health center’s (CHC) financial health today.

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BKDpulse for Post-Acute Care

BKDpulse for Post-Acute Care can synthesize Medicare discharge data from inpatient providers to create a national database to help post-acute providers across the spectrum compare their performance against other providers and help them establish a competitive advantage in their markets.

The intuitive dashboards use modern visualization best practices to help guide decision making and communicate your value in the market. Our product allows you to save customized markets and can help show your value to inpatient providers in the following areas: 

  • Market Share 
  • Readmission Trending 
  • Quality Measures 
  • Referral Sources 
  • Performance Specific to Inpatient Service Lines & DRGs

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BKDpulse for Higher Education

Our solution helps university researchers and leadership gain insights from IPEDS data in a sophisticated, time-saving platform.

  • Comparison groups are quick and easy to create and save
  • Interactive solution using dashboards to transform data into insights
  • Flexible viewing methods including trending, peer median, and individual schools
  • Go beyond IPEDS reports with additional features and metrics

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BKDpulse Higher Education Tableau Benchmark Dashboard

BKDpulse Tableau Dashboard





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BKDpulse Tableau

BKDpulse Tableau Dashboard


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